What I Do

Digital Marketing Leader:

  • Social Media
  • Email Communication
  • And a bit of everything in between. Some highlights:

Content Marketing:nca-article

  • Creation of interesting and engaging content to drive users to make purchases and become brand fans.
  • Text, photos, videos, gifs, infographics – varying types of content are a good thing!
  • Video platform management.
    • Uploading, labeling, tagging, organizing, embedding, sharing.

Social Media:social-media-header2

Lead Generation through Organic SEO & Paid Advertising (SEM & Social):

  • Strong landing pages with CTA’s that convert.
  • Utilization of analytics to make strategic decisions about web development and content creation (conversions, goals, bounce rates, time on page, video assets)
  • Large budget management ($100k+/mo)
  • Expert level eperience with retargeting, programmatic/automation, display, video, and native digital advertising
    • Example Search Ad:
    • Examples of Display, Video & Native Ads:


Google Analytics:

  • Monitoring of KPIs for websites, applications, and digital publications.
  • Conversion & campaign tracking.
  • Site analysis for growth build out and strategy decisions.

Event Marketing:event-mktg

  • Live stream video & video on demand – competition coverage.
  • Signage, giveaways, contests, flash sales.
  • Live social media around the event: pictures, videos, gifs.
  • Results and key information online quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

iOS Applications:myvarsity-banner

  • Project manager for the myVarsity Application (2013 launch to 2017)
  • Customer experience app for those following & attending camps and competitions.
  • Up to date information delivery, marketing piece, ad platform.


  • UI/UX Testing & Updates.
  • Personalized Product Wizard Project Manager.
  • Conversion, sales, and analytics analysis.
  • Product management & customer service.
  • End to end campaigns: drawing board, product, marketing, inventory setup, advertising, etc.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

  • Self starter who is always ready to get creative and use some outside the box strategies to get the job done or to start something new.
  • Serial Entrepreneur; always with a new idea ready to bring to the table!
  • Side Projects:
    • Mark Thru Podcast – Cheerleading Media
    • Cereal Bar Food Truck – Local Community Food Vendor
    • Dude Wedding Accessories – Dropshipping Store
    • SB Productions – Video Editing Service
    • Freelance Web Development
    • Thicc Eats – Food Blog Producer

Additional Skills:

  • HTML & CSS Knowledge
  • Experienced Leadership & Public Speaking
  • Salesforce CRM & Marketing Cloud
  • Video Production, Composing, & Editing
  • Deep Google Ads Knowledge
    • Experience with big budgets and large scale lead gen.
  • Email Marketing Content & Strategies
  • Photoshop Proficient
  • Brand Development & Brand Awareness