Importance of Good Bodylines in Cheer Stunts

All girl or coed, don’t matter when it comes down to the general physics of a cheerleading stunt. Keeping the weight above centered on the bases below, whether going up or down or spinning, the structure’s lines are vital to a stunt hitting or not.

Recently at a my own team’s practice we had a moment to highlight good bodylines versus bad bodylines while working on our competition routine pyramids. In our division in Small Varsity D1, to be competitive and score well, we have to put in some difficult ‘one man’ or single based stunts. To execute these during these season, my cheerleaders know that their job in these stunts is to use their cheer IQ and utilize their knowledge of bodylines to ensure stunts hit every time (hopefully).

Using some simple phone photo edits to add lines, I was able to help my groups understand where they need to be each time they do this stunt to ensure quality body lines and hitting stunts. Check it out for yourself:

Text from Instagram:

Attempt #1 –> #2

Worked on some of our one man pyramids yesterday with a focus on improving how they get up and subsequently stay up. Key to any strong stunt = good body lines! In attempt #1, the main base stepped out from under from the stunt with her shoulders and hips as the stunt spun.

After showing their group the video, the main base in attempt #2 actively put her shoulders and hips under the top girl, keeping the strong body lines, allowing the stunt to stay up with ease.

Spinning or straight up, body lines are important when stunting!

Thanks for taking the time to read this juicy bit of cheer knowledge. Hope it helps a few of you!