Tips for Cheer Tryout Clinics

Cheer Tryout Tips for Clinics and Open Gyms for High School and College Cheerleaders.

With cheerleading tryouts just around the corner, I am certain you have noticed that your school and other schools in the area are holding clinics to help you get ready to dominate your cheer tryout. Use them to your advantage! Even if you are a returner to the team.

Use These Tips for Cheer Tryout Clinics:

-Show up ready to work, ready to meet new people, and ready to try some new things (tumbling, stunting, jumps, motions, and more!). cheerleading clinics for tryouts - tips and tricks to learn how to stunt and tumble fast

-Show up with the right stuff! If you’re brand new to cheerleading that is okay! Bring some light weight tennis shoes, a tshirt, and some athletic type shorts. Don’t forget to tie your hair back and take off your jewelry.

-Mind your manners. Arrive on time and pay attention to the coaches and captains who will be leading the clinic sessions. Avoid talking to others around you so you don’t distract yourself or others from being able to learn.

-If you are the only guy or worried about being the only boy cheerleader, don’t worry too much. You aren’t the first, you won’t be the last. [Guy Cheerleader Tips HERE!]

-Introduce yourself to the coach, tell them you’re excited for tryouts and for a chance to be on their team. If you have a simple question about a piece of tryouts, now is a good time to ask! (Recommendation: don’t ask a coach what they think you should throw. They wanna see your best and safest skills on display, keep it simple.)

-Don’t get too crazy! Tryout Season is not the time to whip out brand new skills without a lot of attempts previously. Don’t get yourself hurt for the season before it even begins!

-Unsure of how to get started at an open gym type clinic? Find someone who looks like they know what they’re doing, introduce yourself and say, “Hey I’m new to this, would you mind showing me how to do one of the more basic stunts/jumps?” I promise they won’t or shouldn’t bite.

Cheer Clinics for Tryouts can be intimidating. Prepare yourself and your skills for cheerleading tryouts this spring.

-Clinics are not just for new cheerleaders either! Veteran team members, you should want to go and support and help others in the learning process. Someone helped you! Plus, these new faces could be your teammates in a couple months or next season. Don’t be snooty just because you are a returner.

Hopefully this quick list of Cheer Tryout Clinic Tips will help you make a great showing at tryouts so that you can enjoy football season from the sidelines.

high school cheer sideline at football games spreading school spirit


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