UCA Camp with Douglas County High School

What a week it was at UCA Camp! County Cheer showed up and meant business. I am really excited to see where the season ahead takes us! 

While at cheer camp, I decided to make daily recap videos to quickly highlight some of the key moments from each day for the parents, school faculty, and community in general to watch and enjoy. They also are a great way for the athletes to see themselves in action to monitor their progress and to have something special to share within their own social circles. Plus, having your school’s AD or Principal see the effort your team puts in during the offseason could help you down the line…just something to keep in mind!

Anyways, here are the four recap videos highlighting the fun and excitement had at UCA Camp by our squad:





Like I said, it was a great week at UCA Camp for the Huskies! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

Maybe I’ll do a blog on how to make quick recap videos in a few weeks, be sure to stay tuned!

That’s all for now!