Welcome to the Coach ScottyB Blog

Getting this coaching blog up and running! Figured I could add some wise words and sage advice for athletes and coaches of all types..

Killing it on my first post already, got a pic uploaded of me and the wife on our wedding day. Was one to remember for sure! #BorgPartyOfTwo

Little bit about me:

  • Passionate about all types of cheerleading
  • Cereal killer of many cereals
  • I live on a beagle farm (not really, just have two rambunctious beagles at home)
  • Cheered at the University of Kansas
  • Was an Assistant Coach for Kansas for a couple years following graduation
  • Staffed for 7 Years as a UCA Instructor (formerly known as UCAscottyB on Social Media)
  • Worked for Varsity Spirit & Varsity Brands as a member of the marketing department
  • Now coach a High School Cheer Team with my wife!

Thanks for reading! Good reads ahead, be sure to tune in.